EARTH RISING End-User License Agreement (EULA)

The End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between You and software company ANIQ.
The agreement governs your acquisition and use of the EARTH RISING software directly from ANIQ or through a ANIQ authorized reseller (i.e. Steam).
We highly suggest that you read this EULA agreement carefully before you continue the installation process for the software “EARTH RISING”. The agreement provides a license to use the EARTH RISING software and contains crucial information for proper use of the EARTH RISING software.
By clicking “accept” and/or installing and using the EARTH RISING software, you confirm to the terms of this EULA agreement.
The agreement applies only to the Software developed by ANIQ. Terms may also apply to any ANIQ updates, DLC’s, and addons if applicable.

Rights and obligations

Your rights:

By accepting this agreement you confirm to receive a non-transferable personal license to use the EARTH RISING software on your device.
You are allowed to run the EARTH RISING software on any applicable device. You are responsible for ensuring that the applicable device has the minimum requirements to run the software, or has 3rd party guarantee that the software will run.
You may create content (i.e. videos, screenshots, artwork) using the software provided by ANIQ and post them to a valid platform (i.e. Twitch, YouTube, Imgur, Steam). (*)
You are allowed to create 3rd party software that can interact with the software provided by ANIQ (i.e. Discord bots). This software must be available for free and must not have features behind a paywall, you are allowed to have an optional donation request while offering the addon. The created software must not be used to alter the software files provided by ANIQ in any capacity. (**)
You are allowed to use publicly available screenshots, fonts and other promotional materials provided by ANIQ under the rules of fair use, if you use something that You did not make, please provide a link to the original creation.

(*)ANIQ reserves the right to take down any content that is in violation of this agreement, as well as any content that is in their nature offensive, racist, derogatory or in any way deemed inappropriate.
(**)ANIQ reserves the right to take down any software that is not in compliance with the terms of this agreement.

You are not permitted to:
Modify the software and the files provided in any capacity, unless otherwise specified by ANIQ or their representatives.
Reverse engineer the software or make third party programs that would otherwise tamper with the software’s original code.
Use the Software in a way which breaches any applicable local, national or international law.
Use the Software for any purpose that ANIQ considers is a breach of this EULA agreement.
Use the game and its features to create 3rd party tools for commercial purposes


Agreeing to this license You confirm that You understand the terms of this agreement and are liable to any terms that may apply.
We hold the right to temporarily or permanently revoke your license of the software for breaching any of the aforementioned terms that apply to this agreement.
We hold the right to remove any in-game properties if they are in violation of the agreed upon terms.

ANIQ and Igra Znanja retains ownership of the software, what You are getting is a license through ANIQ or a trusted reseller (i.e. Steam) to use the product and its features until termination of the agreement.
The EULA agreement is in effect from the date You first installed the software and is indefinite until cancelled. The agreement is cancelled upon Your removal of the software and/or refunding the product. Some terms may still apply after software removal.
Your license can also be terminated immediately if you do not comply with any of the terms within this agreement, in which case you agree to withdraw your access to use the software unless otherwise specified.

Governing Law
This EULA agreement, and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this EULA agreement, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Croatia.