Hollow Bequest

Uncover the secrets of “Hollow Bequest,” a captivating narrative-driven hidden object game set in an alternative history between two world wars. As a detective, you’ll investigate the mysterious disappearances of two professors, encountering thrilling mini-games, engaging dialogue, and a unique art style along the way. Immerse yourself in a world where storytelling reigns supreme and every clue brings you closer to the truth. Can you solve the enigma and unravel the Hollow Bequest? Dive into this immersive adventure today!

Unique Artstyle
Many similar games use 2D hand-drawn graphics, Hollow Bequest features real renders of 3D objects.
Mysterious story
The game is about a detective investigating the abductions of people by a mysterious cult, adding a unique twist to the genre.
Casual puzzles
Simple and intuitive challenges that do not require a lot of time or effort to solve.

Great Adventure

Embrace on a Great Adventure! Solve puzzles, uncover a captivating story, and explore a fantastical world that’s yours to shape. Choose your trusty stuffed animal companion from 3 adorable options, each with its unique abilities. Traverse through infinite worlds with the help of your stuffed animal sidekick, all from the perspective of a girl’s imagination as she sleeps in her room set in Croatia. Get lost in a world where reality and fantasy collide, and experience the magic of childhood dreams come to life.

Unique Gameplay Mechanics
Great Adventure offers captivating gameplay with clever puzzles, imaginative storytelling, and unique abilities to overcome obstacles in a fantastical world.
Immersive Setting
Great Adventure immerses players in a visually stunning Croatian girl's room, blending reality and fantasy with authentic cultural elements, landmarks, and folklore.
Emotional Journey
Great Adventure offers an unforgettable and personal gaming experience, taking players on an emotional journey that relives childhood dreams and curiosity resulting in an unforgettable and deeply personal gaming experience.

Swing By

Introducing “Swing By”, the hypercasual mobile game where you swing spaceships around planets to reach new distances. Rotate, swing and aim for high scores! Explore the cosmos in addictive gameplay with simple controls. Master gravity and timing to soar through space and set new records. Get ready to swing your way to victory!

Innovative Grappling Hook Mechanic
Redefines space exploration games adding skill, precision, and momentum to swinging around planets.
Dynamic Planetary Challenges
Planets vary in size, gravitational forces, and even have obstacles orbiting them, creating a diverse set of challenges for players to overcome.
As players soar through space, they can collect power-ups scattered along the way, providing temporary advantages such as increased speed, invincibility, or extra lives.


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