We provide learning experiences for everyone, from kids to retirees. Our classes include teaching courses in classrooms, hands-on workshops, insightful speeches, interactive panels, and fun quizzes. In addition, we create various educational manuals and brochures.

 We also offer expert consultations upon agreement.

Check out some of our major programs below.

PISMO educations - UNITY & BLENDER

ANIQ offers comprehensive six-month training programs in the domains of UNITY and BLENDER in the PISMO incubator located in Novska. Our curriculum has been thoughtfully tailored to meet the specific needs of participants, featuring a diverse panel of experienced lecturers. Additionally, we’ve seamlessly integrated practical internships to provide hands-on experience.

Panel discussions | Speeches | Lectures | Workshops

ANIQ takes pride in hosting a diverse array of panel discussions, speeches, lectures, and workshops. Notably, our CEO and several of our employees actively participate in various educational initiatives.

Quizes and brochures

Throughout its tenure, ANIQ has crafted numerous brochures and manuals. These include resources like a comprehensive manual and informative brochure covering topics on cybersecurity. Additionally, ANIQ has developed educational brochures tailored for children, offering insights into areas like space, physics, satellites, video games, and beyond.