Explore a handpicked collection of exciting apps that showcase our commitment to innovation. Dive into a range that not only displays our expertise but also the amazing collaborations we’ve had with clients to bring their visions to life. 


The premier waste management app transforming recycling. Explore an interactive map for disposal points, use smart sorting, tailor your schedule, and receive hassle-free reminders – all for effortless recycling.

With a few taps, access a dynamic map showing nearby disposal points. Easily sort recyclables using icons for plastic, paper, metal, and more. Never miss collection day with Green Bin Go! Enter your address, get your street’s schedule, and receive timely notifications to avoid last-minute rushes.

Stay updated on disposal locations and collection changes with real-time info from Green Bin Go, aligning with your town’s waste management initiatives seamlessly.


Meet Kenko, the app that transforms your dietary decisions. Tailored for those managing conditions like celiac disease, migraines, diabetes, and chronic pain, Kenko provides personalized food recommendations. Just input your conditions, and Kenko suggests foods to embrace and avoid.

Kenko’s barcode scanner becomes your shopping companion. A quick scan tells you if a product is “Avoid,” “Neutral,” or “Recommended” based on your health needs. With an extensive database, Kenko ensures you’re well-informed on the go. Embrace healthier choices effortlessly with Kenko.

GO Novska

City companion for efficient waste management designed exclusively for Novska, Croatia. This app offers a user-friendly map displaying all garbage disposal points across the city. Waste sorting is a breeze with categorized locations for different types of materials. Users stay updated with personalized notifications reminding them of the next day’s trash pickup, ensuring you never miss a beat.

AR Opća bolnica dr. Ivo Pedišić

AR inspection of the newly built pavilion of the General Hospital Dr. Ivo Pedišić in Sisak with the possibility of looking at the building by floors and searching by departments.