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VR Šibenik

ANIQ d.o.o. has developed the game for the Fortress of Culture in Šibenik which presents interactive games set in the past of Šibenik and its fortresses, thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology.

Šibenik locals and their guests can try their hand at using bows and arrows, defend Šibenik and its fortresses from attacks, escape from the dungeon to the fortress, or participate in a race set in past centuries. These VR games offer future visitors to the fortresses a new, contemporary experience of their visit.

By applying new technology to heritage interpretation, visitors have a fun and interactive way to learn and inform themselves about the history of Šibenik, with a special emphasis on the development of the Šibenik fortification system and its use throughout the centuries.

By embracing these innovative approaches, Šibenik ensures that its fortresses remain relevant and appealing to a modern audience. The fusion of traditional activities with modern technology creates an unforgettable experience for visitors, fostering a deeper appreciation for the city’s historical legacy.

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