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VR Bunker Defence

Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding action of local multiplayer called VR Bunker Defence, a thrilling cooperative virtual reality game designed exclusively for HTC Vive.

Grab your friends and prepare for an intense battle against relentless waves of terrorists, as you work together to defend a crucial bunker in the ultimate test of communication, strategy, and teamwork.

In VR Bunker Defence, you and up to three other players find yourselves trapped in a single room, armed with a vast arsenal of weapons, explosives, and tactical gear. As the enemy hordes close in from all directions, you must fight for your survival, employing precise shooting skills and clever tactics to overcome each wave of attackers.

The game’s immersive virtual reality environment allows you to physically duck, dodge, and take cover, giving you an unprecedented level of realism and intensity. Utilize the full range of motion that HTC Vive offers as you move around the room, coordinating with your teammates and adapting your strategies on the fly. As you progress through the game, you’ll face increasingly challenging waves of terrorists, each more formidable than the last. Adapt your tactics, explore the environment for additional resources, and make split-second decisions to ensure your survival. Only by working together and utilizing the full potential of VR will you emerge victorious.

However, victory in VR Bunker Defence relies not only on firepower but also on cooperation and communication. Work closely with your teammates in the same room to coordinate attacks, share vital information about enemy positions, and strategize your defense. Effective communication is key to success, as you must rely on your teammates to heal and revive each other amidst the chaos of battle.

You can download demo here or if you want full game you can contact us!